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Our History

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Scott and Kim Sanders, owners of "A Taste of Paradise".  If you had asked either one of us prior to this business venture whether or not we would ever own a concession stand we would have told you that you were crazy.  Life has a way of changing things when you least expect it.  During a vacation to Hawaii in the summer of 2005, we tried some Hawaiian Shave Ice on the advice of our son's girlfriend.  We did and we were hooked!  I had seen shaved ice in the states before but not served the way it is in Hawaii with vanilla ice cream under the ice and sweetened cream on top. Delicious!

We decided that when we got back home we would begin our search for a trailer to fit our needs as a concession stand and quit the daily grind of working for others to enjoy our lives working together as we traveled.  We found our trailer and accessories on Ebay and converted it into the tiki stand you see today over four months of weekend work.  A Taste of Paradise opened for business on April 1st, 2006 at Big Hat Days in Clovis, CA.  We were pretty overwhelmed by the public's response to our product.  Lines were long and we got excited about the upcoming year of events we had scheduled.

Since that day we have had ups and downs but would never go back to our former lives.  We've met many new customers and vendors we call friends along our way and we have high expectations for the future.  Please contact us should you want to see our current schedule.  Come see us at our next event and have a shave ice and experience it the Hawaiian way!

Scott and Kim Sanders
A Taste of Paradise

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