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Here at A Taste of Paradise, we use only gourmet flavor concentrates for our shave ice syrups.  We have 24 delicious flavors from which to choose.  We also offer several sugar-free flavors for the diabetic or those concerned about their diet.  The sugar-free flavors we use are quailty Da Vinci or Torani syrups and may vary based upon availability.  Below is a current list of our flavors.

Our Current Flavor List
Banana Grape Piña Colada
Black Cherry Green Apple Pineapple
Blueberry Hawaiian Punch Pink Lemonade
Blue Bubble Gum Lime Blue Raspberry
Cherry Mango Root Beer
Coconut Margarita Strawberry
Cola Passion Fruit Tiger Blood
Cotton Candy Peach Watermelon
 Varying Sugar-Free Flavors

You can enjoy any of these flavors alone on the ice or make a real dessert treat by adding vanilla ice-cream under the ice or add sweetened cream swirled on the top of your ice!  Truly a refreshing concoction on a hot day.

Another taste treat we serve is the Snow Shake.  What is a Snow Shake?  A question heard often at A Taste of Paradise.  A Snow Shake is created in a blender with ice, syrup flavor and cream for a delicious, icy drink we serve in 32oz. colored yard cups.  Once filled, the yard cups are refillable during the event for an additional price. Recently we have added delicious fresh fruit smoothies! These can be had with fresh strawberries, mangos or fresh bananas. These are truly delicious with a topping of whipped cream on top. Yum!

Our coffee menu is a bit extensive. We offer many types of gourmet coffees. You can choose a latte, or a frozen blended frappé. Have an espresso drink like a cappuccino or an Americano. We also offer Chai tea drinks. Most items are available either hot, iced or frozen blended. All coffee drinks are also available with several different add-in flavors. We of course have plain black drip coffee for the more basic coffee drinker. These are all available in 12oz. or 16oz. cups.

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